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 Our Indian Summer seems to be coming to an end so it’s time to start preparing your car for the changing weather. 

1. Tyres

You may have been able to get away with slicks during the summer months but now that the rain seems to be back with a vengance you need to ensure you have decent tread left on your tyres and that they are correctly inflated. If you’re not sure what to do visit us at the Mullaghboy Industrial Estate and we will gladly check your tyres for you.

 2. Wiper blades

Just like your tyres, you probably won’t notice you have a problem with your wiper blades until a heavy shower. If you can see any streaks on the windscreen or hear any noise coming off your wiper blades it’s time for a change.

3. Bulbs

Firstly make sure all your bulbs are working. It may be worthwhile changing your headlight bulbs anyway as they will fade over time and it will help having good lights as we head into the darker evenings.

 4. Torch

Make sure you have a working torch and spare batteries in the boot. There’s nothing worse than being stranded at night time with no light!!

 5. Safety

Keep a Hi-Vis vest and an orange warning triangle in the boot incase you need to stop or get out of the car. It’s also a good idea to have a charger for your phone in the glovebox, or to carry a spare phone if you’re going on a long journey.

 At TD Caldwell your family's safety on the road is our priority.  Call us today for a pre-winter check. 


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We have been using TD Caldwell Ltd for a long number of years now and the quality of work and turnaround time are fantastic; we find them very professional in every way.

Paul Duffy, General Manager Commons Road Cars