Seasonal Preventative Maintenance for the Autumn Months

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Seasonal Preventative Maintenance for the Autumn Months


Autumn is here, school has started and everyone is back on the road again.  Seasonal maintenance not only extends the life of your vehicle, it saves you money and time. Prepare for seasonal conditions in advance to help improve your vehicle’s value, get the most out of its' mileage, and keep yourself and your family safe.

Brake inspection/work – Do not avoid brake repair. Damaged brakes can be a safety hazard.

Oil change – Based on your vehicle’s owner manual, it may be time to have your oil changed.

Check hoses, filters, coolants – Ensure all hoses and filters, such as oil, gas and air, are in good condition. Make sure you have the correct amount of coolant and that your thermostat, heater, and defroster are working properly. Coolant should be changed roughly every two years.

Tune-up – Based on your owner manual, it may be time for an engine tune-up.

Check the battery – Examine your battery. If there are any problems, we’d be happy to repair or replace it for you.

Tire pressure – When the leaves change so do your tires. Check your tires’ inflation and wear. You want to have the right amount of tire pressure, especially as the weather begins to cool off. It is also good practice to check your spare tire and ensure it is properly inflated.

Wiper blades – Windshield wiper blades are typically used more frequently in the autumn and winter, and should be replaced in early autumn if necessary.

Your owner’s manual is always a good source of information on what parts of your car need maintained and at what intervals.

Saving money helps make seasonal maintenance less of a hassle – call in to us today for a seasonal check to ensure that your vehicle is in optimal condition.

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