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You're Invited!!!!

Posted in Category(ies):  Company News   |   Posted on Monday, 10 February 2014  |  By Darren Caldwell

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Celebrating 40 years in Business

Posted in Category(ies):  Company News   |   Posted on Wednesday, 8 January 2014  |  By Darren Caldwell

2014 is a big year for TD Caldwell Ltd as we will be celebrating 40 years of providing excellent service to our customers.  

Please keep watching our blog and Facebook pages for details.


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TD Caldwell achieves new industry standard

Posted in Category(ies):  Company News   |   Posted on Monday, 2 December 2013  |  By Darren Caldwell

T.D. Caldwell Ltd is delighted to announce that we have successfully achieved the new Certified Steel Standard (CSS) for vehicle bodyshop repairers in Ireland with the roll out of the Standard taking place in early 2014. 

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5 Things you must check on your car before Winter

Posted in Category(ies):  Company News   |   Posted on Tuesday, 29 October 2013  |  By Darren Caldwell


Autumn is here and that means the hardest season for your vehicle is around the corner. Winter takes its toll on many drivers, particularly if you haven’t taken the time to do some basic maintenance on your vehicle.

Here’s what you need to know to reduce your risks of getting into an accident in slippery conditions and to help you get more life out of your vehicle.

1. Check Your Tires. First, you’ll need to check the tread-wear on your tires.  You’ll also need to check your tire pressure to make sure it’s at the optimum level for your particular vehicle. If you live in an area with chronically bad winter weather, you may want to consider purchasing snow tires for the winter season.

2. Replace Your Windshield Wipers. This is one thing that many car owners miss, and it can have serious consequences. The elements are hard on your wipers, and they should be changed twice a year, in spring and autumn. Don’t forget to change the wiper on your back window if you have one!

3. Change Your Oil. As the weather cools down, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the right viscosity of oil. If you change your own oil, check your owner’s manual to make sure you’re using the recommended oil. 
4. Check Your Battery. The last thing you need when it’s cold is to end up stranded somewhere. Take your battery to a shop and have it checked to make sure it’s got enough power to get you through winter. If you’re getting your oil changed, many shops will even throw in a battery check for free.

5. Check Your Antifreeze. After the long, hot summer season, you’ll also need to make sure you’ve got the right levels of water and antifreeze in your car. The ideal mix is 50/50. It’s best to have the professionals take care of this one for you, unless you have experience in checking your antifreeze.

These five simple steps will help keep your car running smoothly all winter and reduce the risk of getting into an accident or needing a tow.

At TD Caldwell your safety is our concern. 



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Autumn Blues ...

Posted in Category(ies):  Company News   |   Posted on Tuesday, 1 October 2013  |  By Darren Caldwell

Our Indian Summer seems to be coming to an end so it’s time to start preparing your car for the changing weather. 

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Seasonal Preventative Maintenance for the Autumn Months

Posted in Category(ies):  Company News   |   Posted on Monday, 2 September 2013  |  By Darren Caldwell

Seasonal Preventative Maintenance for the Autumn Months


Autumn is here, school has started and everyone is back on the road again.  Seasonal maintenance not only extends the life of your vehicle, it saves you money and time. Prepare for seasonal conditions in advance to help improve your vehicle’s value, get the most out of its' mileage, and keep yourself and your family safe.

Brake inspection/work – Do not avoid brake repair. Damaged brakes can be a safety hazard.

Oil change – Based on your vehicle’s owner manual, it may be time to have your oil changed.

Check hoses, filters, coolants – Ensure all hoses and filters, such as oil, gas and air, are in good condition. Make sure you have the correct amount of coolant and that your thermostat, heater, and defroster are working properly. Coolant should be changed roughly every two years.

Tune-up – Based on your owner manual, it may be time for an engine tune-up.

Check the battery – Examine your battery. If there are any problems, we’d be happy to repair or replace it for you.

Tire pressure – When the leaves change so do your tires. Check your tires’ inflation and wear. You want to have the right amount of tire pressure, especially as the weather begins to cool off. It is also good practice to check your spare tire and ensure it is properly inflated.

Wiper blades – Windshield wiper blades are typically used more frequently in the autumn and winter, and should be replaced in early autumn if necessary.

Your owner’s manual is always a good source of information on what parts of your car need maintained and at what intervals.

Saving money helps make seasonal maintenance less of a hassle – call in to us today for a seasonal check to ensure that your vehicle is in optimal condition.

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ARG - Accident Repair Group Ireland

Posted in Category(ies):  Company News   |   Posted on Tuesday, 20 August 2013  |  By Darren Caldwell

TD Caldwell is proud to be one of the founding members of ARG Ireland. At TD Caldwell and ARG Ireland we understand that for any person involved in an accident, there can be a high level of stress involved. However, it is important to get your car repaired to strict manufacturers specifications in the interest of safety.

ARG Ireland is a collaborative group of the Ireland’s leading accident repair centres, each providing the widest scope of cover and service throughout Ireland.

Our partners are some of the most recognised and respected names in the industry. You can be assured that your insurance company is likely to be working with them today and will have been doing so for many years.

ARG was formed in 2010 and is based on our shared high values of, ethical dealings, professionalism, integrity and their most respected capability in vehicle repair quality.

The primary aim of the ARG is to provide exceptional peace of mind in customer support, communications and outstanding vehicle care with safety and quality paramount.

The scope of services from the group are extensive and satisfy any repair needs required by insurance companies, fleet operators and private clients. With combined trading of over 100 years we feel sure that exceeding your expectations will be our expectation.

Should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident – and it can happen to anyone; you want action, you want looking after and you want it fast!

All of our customers are kept informed throughout their crash repair process through our unique login in system, live progress updates are automatically uploaded to this website direct from the bodyshops time capture system allowing on-line vehicle progress tracking.



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Summer Maintenance Tips for your Car

Posted in Category(ies):  Company News   |   Posted on Monday, 22 July 2013  |  By Darren Caldwell

Some more handy DIY car maintenance advice, specific to summer and driving in warmer weather to help to keep your car in good shape for those longer summer drives be it in Ireland or abroad.

What to look out for - Some car troubles can be exacerbated by an increase in temperature. Take your car’s cooling system for example. If you have any existing problems relating to your coolant system (for example a faulty cooling fan) this could be magnified by heat and traffic, which could cause your car to break down.

So a big piece of advice for motorists is if your engine begins to overheat or you notice a loss of coolant, it’s essential to have it investigated immediately. By doing this you’ll almost certainly prevent further damage and costly repairs.

We also strongly recommend motorists to follow the below check list before heading off on any long drives or driving holidays this summer:

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Looking after your car's exterior ....some helpful hints

Posted in Category(ies):  Company News   |   Posted on Monday, 29 April 2013  |  By Darren Caldwell

Protect car paint from the sun

Paint does more than make your vehicle look great. It’s also the first line of defense against rusted body panels. Of course, the best way to protect the paint is to park the car in a garage. If that is not possible, park in the shade or purchase a car cover. The sun’s ultraviolet rays break down paint and cause it to fade. Some car covers protect your car from more than sun, moisture, bird droppings, and dust — they also have a thin layer of cushioning that will guard against light impact, such as from a tipped bicycle or small falling tree branch.

Touch up nicks sooner rather than later

Touch-up paint won’t adhere well to rust. So be sure to keep some matching touch-up paint on hand so you can touch up any minor nicks, often found around door edges, before rust has a chance to form.

Tape saves light covers

A cracked taillight or turn-signal cover, if left alone, may allow your light compartment to fill with water and cause some real damage. A good short-term fix is to tape over the crack. Use the red or orange tape that’s made for this purpose.You can purchase it at many automotive parts stores.

Avoid light fixture problems

When changing a bad bulb, clean dirty or corroded sockets with fine steel wool or a small wire brush.Wipe the socket clean of debris before installing the new light bulb.

Fix small windshield chips

Got a rock chip, crack, or ding in your windshield? Bring your car to a windshield repair shop. For far less cost than replacing the windshield, they can fix chips and cracks, even quite long ones. The repairs not only keep the chips and cracks from spreading and restore structural integrity, they also improve clarity.

Fill with washer fluid only

Don’t add water to the windshield washer reservoir. It won’t clean as well as washer fluid, and it may freeze in cold weather and damage the system. Don’t try to run your windshield washer system once you suspect there’s no more fluid in the tank, or you may damage the washer fluid pump.

Fix the washer fluid tank

Cracked washer fluid tanks are fairly common once a car is of a certain age. A good remedy — until you can buy a new tank or find one at the junkyard — is to insert a plastic freezer bag into the tank and fill it with the washer fluid.

At T D Caldwell we know how important your car is to you and we want to help you keep in tip top shape.  Call us today on (046) 902-3786 to find out how we can help you. 

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Taking Care of your car's Interior

Posted in Category(ies):  Company News   |   Posted on Monday, 8 April 2013  |  By Darren Caldwell

Taking Care of your car's interior ...


Preserve door and window seals

Wipe a rubber protectant or silicone on door and window weatherstripping to keep it in good condition. Don’t use an oilbased product, such as WD-40, because the oil will damage the rubber. Regular cleaning and treatment of your car’s weatherstripping will also lessen the likelihood of your door sticking to its rubber seal in cold weather, a common cause of damage to the rubber.

Fix bad weatherstripping immediately

If your weatherstripping is letting rainwater leak into the interior of your car, take a look at it and decide if you can repair it or if it needs to be replaced.  If you're not sure, pop of to TD Caldwell's and we'll have a look for you. 

Keep leather from drying out and cracking

Leather cars seats are durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance. After a few years, however, the seats can become soiled. Use a leather cleaner to remove dirt and stains.Then apply a leather protectant formulated for pigmented or top-coated grain leather (the leather used for most leather car upholstery). Protectants will resist stains and make the upholstery easier to clean in the future. Choose a protectant that includes conditioners to keep your leather supple.

Use upholstery cleaners on soiled seats

The same upholstery cleaners you use at home can be used on your car’s upholstery. Use them sparingly, however, to avoid saturating the fabric. Use a clean cloth to wipe away the foam. On velour seats, brush the fibers gently to avoid matting them and to preserve the original texture of the fabric.

Renew fabric upholstery

Spraying fabric car seats and carpets with a fabric protectant, such as Scotchgard, will make them resist dirt and stains, and make them easier to clean. Thoroughly clean the fabrics before using one of these products and then test the product on an inconspicuous place to be sure the treatment will not discolor the fabric.

Place a towel under baby seats

All manner of food bits and liquids can accumulate under a baby seat, where they can permanently stain the upholstery. Place a sheet of heavy plastic and an absorbent towel under the seat to prevent damage, and re-secure the seat according to the manufacturer’s directions.

At TD Caldwell we know how important your car is to you and your family and we want to help you keep it on the road as long as possible.  

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