Mechanical Repair

Having your car fully maintained is a vital part of maximising the life span of your car and ensuring you avoid costly breakdowns, it is also important for maintaining vehicle safety. Our service plans are aimed at addressing both of these points. We can look after all your Mechanical needs from:

  1. Complete Servicing
  2. Diagnostic Servicing
  3. Pre NCT Tests and DOE for Vans
  4. Emissions Testing
  5. Light Setting
  6. Tyre Checks (Legal Limits and Tyre Safety)
  7. Air con Service and Refill

Our safety checks include brake function, wheel and transmission function, signals and indicators, door locking, window wash. We can take care of all your needs. We will also carry out a 40-point safety check.

40 Point safety check

- Check brake pedal rubber - Remove all road wheels
- Check operation of horn - Check brakepads/discs/shoes
- Check operation of light switches - Adjust brakes where necessary
- Check windscreen for chips & cracks - Fill with engine oil
- Check all exterior lights condition - Replace air filter & advise on fuel filter
- Check exterior mirrors - Check spark plugs
- Check rear wiper - Top up windscreen reservoir with additive
- Check spare tyre - Check for fuel leaks
- Check windscreen wipers & washers - Check for power steering leaks
- Check safety belts - Check battery terminals
- Drain engine oil & replace filter - Check for oil leaks
- Check drive/shafts/gaitors/couplings - Check for coolant leaks
- Check condition of exhaust system - Check anti-freeze level & strength
- Check underside of car - Check brake fluid for water content
- Check condition of brake fluid lines - Check brake fluid level
- Check shocks/springs/mountings - Check drive belts
- Check steering rack & linkages - Check power steering fluid level
- Check tyre condition - Check handbreak adjustment
- Check tyre pressure - Check clutch adjustment

Accredited by

Cerification Europe SIMI ACoat AA Ireland


Newgate Motor Co have been using TD Caldwell Ltd for our body Repairs for the past 20 years and during this time we have built up a great business relationship. When it comes to maintaining high le

Kevin Hanrahan, Sales Manager Newgate Motor Co.

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